Tune Grove Radio launches in Portland, Maine - Fall, 2012


Okay. Everyone loves music. Well, pretty much everyone. But I'm going to go out on a self indulgent limb and claim that I might be a little more discerning than most when it comes to music. So there.

Let's get something straight. When I say 'pop music', I don't mean the likes of that Bieber kid or a good majority of the top corporate 40 overplayed tracks of the month. I have a hard time listening to radio on the FM band except for a few programs on carefully selected stations that actually play some things most people have never heard of. I like the common genres of pop music (rock, indie, electronic, blues, folk, r&b) and their variants. And I love finding ones that stand out because they are simple and to the point, gushing with passion or just so catchy you can't help but tap a toe or bust a move.

Some may be surprised to learn there are actually a lot of amazing artists playing locally, right here in Maine. Believe me, they aren't all mediocre cover bands. There are some really great musicians writing and performing new stuff, pushing boundaries and infecting tapping toes in their rhythmic nets.

I'll take the time to dedicate one post at a time to one band or artist at a time as I find ones you should check out. So if you or someone you know is making great music in Maine, give me a shout! Send me a sample, or a website where I can check them out. I can be found on twitter and facebook.

I'll listen to the music with all my ears wide open, in the comfort of my home on my crappy couch. Once in a while I'll even come out for a live show. If I find the music worth filling thine ears with, I'll feature it, rave about it, post links and tell world to listen; the whole shebang! And, no, I'm not doing this for money, not even for beer; I'm only giving honest reviews. I'll write deliciously eloquent words to get readers listening and informed about truly good music in their own back yard.

Ok, enough preamble, I've got some music that needs to be heard. I'll get back to you with my findings.

Rock on!